Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

Read the inspiring impact clients experience from TMTSI

“TMTSI is an energetic, informed and passionate advocate for credit awareness, education and improvement. They certainly know how to captivate an audience, as I personally witnessed during a conference in December for the Department of Veteran Affairs. They are engaging, and well-connected in their industry and throughout the commercial and Federal markets. I would recommend TMTSI for any environment where you are looking for positive strategies to affect change.”

Lauren W. Director

“Marc has an incredible background in both the Army and the Navy and it was a real job to write a feature story about this amazing guy. Marc has the technology and innovation background that business needs today in combination with the necessary skills to run a successful business that is just what the military teaches you - be positive, work hard and get the job done right, on time and better than what you did before. I would recommend Marc for any of your contracting needs in his field of expertise because you know that he is highly motivated, always positive and can get the job done right and done right the first time!”

Renee M. President

“Since TMTSI joined the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Minority Business Council, they have facilitated at least 3 workshops for us, 2 through our Chamber Business Academy for Take Away Tuesdays and 1 for our Minority Business Conference. We have been very pleased with their presentations as their passion for what they do and present on make for informative and engaging workshops. If you need facilitators with a passion for helping others succeed in their business, I'd recommend TMTSI.”

Andrea C-W. TV & Radio Show Host

“Marc and his wife are very approachable. They both took time out and sat with me for thirty minutes and gave me encouragement in my job search. As a woman it was great to see another woman (Marc's wife) lift the spirits of another fellow woman, and input in her the "you got this spirit". Between the two I left with a new outlook and a goal set mind. I am no longer knocking on doors and waiting for a response, I am bringing those doors down and letting myself in. Thanks for your work at the Leadership Conference I can't wait to hear you again.”

Dolly A. Talent Acquisition Manager

“It is my highest pleasure to recommend TMTSI. I met the TMTSI consultants during the inaugural National Society of Leadership and Success Leadership Conference held at Southern New Hampshire University on March 7, 2015. They are excellent public speakers, well rounded in knowledge and etiquette of business based practices. They led two presentations during the NSLS Conference: Women in Leadership and Management versus Leadership, both of which I attended. Their excitement and passion for business development cannot be undermined or denied. They deserve the highest praise as they are engaging, excitable and passionate - three traits that can sometimes be difficult to find in business (especially motivational or public speaking). Ultimately, TMTSI is a great asset for any company seeking to gain new perspectives on vision or strategy/success for the future.”

Jessica T. Academic Advisor

“Marc presented on Management versus Leadership during the first annual National Society for Leadership and Success conference held at Southern New Hampshire University. I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend his presentation. Marc demonstrated a high level of knowledge about evaluating and assessing the attributes of an individual that make a great manager and leader. What I learned from Marc is how organizations can cultivate the talents and expertise of their managers and leaders to inspire and empower a business to achieve a greater level of success. As a compliment to his varied background managing people and employees, his amiable personality is one that will be remembered. I recommend Marc as a valuable presenter of unique business knowledge that will be beneficial to understanding how your organization can create vision, identify success attributes, and be a positive force by engaging customers and community.”

David D. Internet Marketing Consultant

“It was a pleasure to have TMTSI serve as a presenter at our Leadership Conference for The National Society of Leadership and Success chapter of Southern New Hampshire University. They are dynamic, engaging presenters who share real world knowledge and practical application with their audience. They were well received by the attendees, and received great feedback in the post-conference survey.”

Laura C. Assistant Vice President

“The League of Extraordinary People (LoEP) organization is an excellent place for any new small business owner, home business owner and/or inspiring entrepreneur. It has solid training system which focuses on professional and personal skill development: The Field Training System. This system focuses on person-to-person skills. In the evolving industry of network marketing and direct sales, person-to-person are quickly becoming a lost art. Mastering the vital skill of prospecting, communicating and teamwork are effectively done at LoEP.”

Donald W. Head of Preventive Medicine Division

“Marc is an experienced businessman and professional coach. He is an excellent motivational speaker and can train others to be the very best they can be in their personal and professional lives. He can help one realize their gifts and potential to be successful.”

Shannon K. G.GIA GG

“The TMTSI session at the first COCE NSLS Conference was enlightening! It was incredibly helpful to learn more about management versus leadership. The course was presented in a fun and friendly atmosphere and helped me to decide my course of action toward a future degree in leadership! Thank you!”

Lynda T. CEO

“I attended a seminar TMTSI presented, they were professional, passionate and well versed in the marketing field. They were a true pleasure to meet. Thank you!”

Victoria S. Member Relations Manager

“TMTSI brings a sense of professionalism and class to the table that is unmatched. TMTSI has been a terrific source for me as far as making valuable business connections and presenting new, exciting opportunities within their expansive portfolio. I'd highly recommend working with this world class company and community leader.”

Dana M. Image Consultant, Style and Fitness Pro

“TMTSI is a very knowledgeable and exciting professional company. They taught a breakout session for the Chamber Minority Business Conference and did an outstanding job. They found a unique way to make this session both informative and exciting at the same time. The TMTSI team were tremendous assets to our conference.”

Nareen S. Independent Beauty Consultant

“Marc D. Williams is a great mentor and role-model. He is a very dependable and helpful person.”

Tamara S. University of Phoenix Student