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Powerful Positive and Negative Characteristic Traits

June 1, 2017

Belief and faith are a 2-in-1 characteristic, but a feature that is critical to the success of any person desiring success on a major scale. To develop belief and faith on an everyday basis, unknowingly, takes daily practice. Webster’s Fourth Edition Dictionary defines BELIEF as “…a conviction, faith, trust, and opinion.” Webster’s Fourth Edition Dictionary defines BELIEVING as “…to take as right, have faith (in), and suppose, guess.” To look further, Webster’s fourth edition dictionary defines FAITH as “…unquestioning belief; especially in religion, particular religion.” There are many dictionaries and translations of these words; but to sum all those translations, BELIEVING is the state of mind that you can choose to live your life day in and day out until you no longer exist on Earth.

Having A Positive Mindset

June 1, 2017

A positive mindset… what is a positive mindset? A positive mindset definition is argumentative with most, but I believe most people can agree with the little definition that I bring forward in this article. A positive mindset is when a mind produces 95% good thoughts and good feelings that lead to the person speaking the right words and taking good actions. A positive mindset operates with an optimistic view instead of a pessimistic one. A positive mindset looks for solutions to situations, issues, and problems, instead of focusing on the actual situation, issue, or problem. A positive mindset promotes good thoughts instead of negative thoughts. The positive mindset definition has spanned into detail books, but I just wanted to give you a sample of what is a positive mindset.